Sage Model Engines



Since 2010 I am a retired Electronics Technologist. I spent many years in the field of  electronic equipment maintenance. I then progressed  to the Electronic Engineering department where we designed electronic systems, built them and deployed them. Later I started writing specifications for electronic systems maintenance contracts and managed maintenance contracts.

All my life I have built things. I have built too many electronic devices to remember including several computers. I have an interest in amateur astronomy  which led me to purchase metal working equipment to make telescope parts. A friend in my astronomy club suggested I might be interested in joining a Model Engineering Club he belonged to. (Toronto Society of Model Engineers - TSME). Since then I have been hooked on almost all aspects of Model Engineering and, as you can see from this site, I have built many model engines and have refurbished  some historic full sized ones as well.

To support the model engineering efforts I also have a powder coating booth and an anodizing tank. The Atkinson engine on this site has some of both of those efforts included. When required for my models and for other purposes I also design electronic circuits some using microprocessors. Again, the Atkinson engine employs a multi-spark hall sensor triggered ignition system of my design. I also designed a home automation system built around a few different microprocessor modules.

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