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Parcell and Weed

½ Horsepower Hit &  Miss Engine

Click here to see My engine in operation

The Parcell and Weed Hit and Miss engine is a full scale engine built from the plans in a book written in 1900 by  Henry Parcell and Arthur Weed entitled Gas Engine Construction. The book was written as a treatise on internal combustion engines of many types and included a complete set of  drawings to build an engine. It also included information on creating castings and the machining techniques for the engine. I found a copy of the original book on I went through the whole book and re-created the drawings in 3D CAD using Geomagic Design (aka Alibre design). It took me about 1 year of spare time to complete the drawings and about another year to build the engine. The engine has two 14 inch flywheels, and a 2-1/4” diameter piston and a 4 “ stroke . It is water cooled. The water jacket is copper plated steel. The engine has a unique inertia governor. The original engine was mounted on an ugly cast iron box. My aluminum pedestals were designed by Stephen Kahler who inspired me to build the engine after he displayed his at the 2012 N.A.M.E.S. Exposition.  Most  of  the rest of the engine is polished hot rolled steel which must be carefully prevented from rusting.  The engine weighs approx. 90 pounds. You can view Stephen Kahler’s  engine running if you click here .  Or you can view my engine running by clicking on the box below the picture above.

Parcell and Weed Engine Dave Sage